Area Photos

Area Photos

Corner Lot in a Great Area!! S.D.C.R.!!!! LOOK AT THESE VIEWS!!!

$99 down, $249 doc fee, $229 for 84 months

10 acres in this area is a very rare find. This land will not last. Once the down payment and doc fee are made, it is gone….

Cash Price Available: $12,525

All qualify and there is no credit check. Questions? Get in touch today!

Surround yourself with the evergreen trees, glorious mountains, and rolling hills of the Sangre De Cristo Ranches (S.D.C.R.). This beautiful lot in the foothills of Costilla County offers the ideal cabin spot for your hunting camp. What a perfect setting for the unspoiled mountains of Costilla County. With every breath of fresh, clean mountain air, you’ll know this pristine unspoiled property is for you.

Mountain Home Reservoir less than 5 miles away

Smith Reservoir less than 8 miles away

The Sangre de Cristo Ranches were developed, by Malcolm Forbes (founder of Forbes magazine), in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range. Mt. Blanca towers at over 14,000 feet, highlighting the views from many properties in the area. To the west, the San Luis Valley is a fertile High Plains Desert, roughly 7,500 feet above sea level. The landscape within 44,000-acre Ranches varies from sagebrush and Pinon at the lower elevations, and Aspen and various tall pine varieties above 9,000 ft. The Ranches are located about 5 miles to the south and east of Fort Garland, Colorado.

So you like to hunt big game, like elk & deer? Well good news, you can set up your hunting headquarters right here on this flat 10-acre property in the Sangre de Cristo Ranches. PLUS the property is near the over 5,000 acres of greenbelt that were set aside for hunting and recreation exclusively for landowners in this area! Like to fish also? There is also great fishing and boating in the nearby Mountain Home Reservoir and Smith Reservoir, both just a few miles away.

Hunters love this area for big game, like elk, and landowners get a preference for hunting licenses through the Landowner Preference Program (LPP) through Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The terrain offers flatter areas, so it leaves plenty of opportunities for building sites.

Colorado is one of the fastest-growing states and this property is uniquely located between the cities of Denver and Albuquerque. At this low price, this property would also be a smart long-term investment.


Parcel #70201370 & 70201380


GPS Coordinates (enter only one line at a time…these are the coordinates for the four corners of the property…(don’t enter the NW, SW part…just the numbers, only one line at a time).

NW 37.3674, -105.4142
SW 37.3662, -105.4126
NE 37.3684, -105.4114
SE 37.3670, -105.4109

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Once you make the down payment and doc fee, it is yours to use!

All properties come with a 21-day money-back guarantee (minus doc fees). If you decide you don’t want it, return it for a refund or trade for any other property in our portfolio.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you’re not satisfied with your land for any reason, we will exchange your parcel for another one within 30 days no question asked! Money already paid will simply be applied to the new parcel price. If there is a balance owed, you simply pay the difference or begin making payments on your new parcel, just like you were before (if utilizing our seller financing)! 

Cancel Anytime with No Penalty Guarantee – If you decide to utilize our seller financing and you are unable to continue making payments for any reason, let us know and you won’t owe us anything further. No balance owed, no debt, no collection, no lawsuits – no hard feelings!


ZONING Estate Residential, at least 600 sq ft home, camping allowed for up to two weeks every three months. After 14 days a long-term camping permit would be required to remain on the property in an RV if there is a septic system and water source on the property. For more information, call Costilla County Planning & Zoning at 719-937-7668
ACCESS Well-maintained dirt roads
SEWER Would be septic
WATER Would be well, holding tank, water haul
UTILITIES Power by solar or generator, Phone by cellular, Satellite TV/Internet/Phone

         Located in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range at the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley, Sangre de Cristo Ranches’ virtually surrounded by the Rockies. Besides the Sangre de Cristo which get their name from the red color often seen on them at sunset, the Valley is ringed to the north by the La Garita Mountains and the west by the peaks of the San Juans. The Valley itself is a part of the upper Rio Grande Valley often referred to in literature as the Rio Bravo. It is basically agricultural land, with a great variety of crops and livestock forage being grown on the many acres of irrigated land. Cattle, sheep and wildlife graze the native grasses of the valley, hills and mountains.

The Valley is also well known for the recreational opportunities available on the many thousands of acres of National Forest lands. There is also light industry and general commerce in the region, but all heavy industry is over the mountains to the east and downwind of the Ranches, leaving the area protected so that the air remains dry, clean and pure.

The Sangre de Cristo Ranches are located in Costilla County.

The climate in Sangre de Cristo Ranches is a real change from the congested cities. Summer days are mild and never hot. Temperatures during the day generally are in the 70’s or low 80’s and very rarely do they get into the 90’s. No unpleasant odors or noises will spoil your day because there is nothing to create such problems. Summer nights are cool and invigorating, usually with temperatures in the mid 40’s. Fall comes with the turning of the aspen and bulging of the elk. Crisp mornings and cool, clear days are normally found at this time of year. Winter, with its white mantle of snow, finds daytime high temperatures pleasant, generally in the mid-30’s.

Viewing the wildlife, hunting in season, fishing and boating are great. You also have the choice of camping, hiking, landscape painting and photography, arrowhead or simply enjoying the great outdoors. For the really adventurous, there is always a nearby mountain to climb. Or for the less exuberant, just watching the stars and the sky and the scenery in this high mountain clean air is rewarding enough.